Harelec Solar Power

Client: Harelec. Solar Power Specialists
Market Area: Northern NSW, Southern QLD, Remote communities, Pacific Islands.
Target: Large scale commercial
Phase: 3


  • Migrate business focus from domestic solar to commercial solar.
  • Encourage large scale business to invest in solar through Harelec.
  • Rebuild digital space to appeal to both government and private sector.
  • Develop a partner brand to assist in international business opportunities.


  • Advertise to receive new business enquiry via digital space or direct contact.
  • Build on existing brand identity across metro & regional markets.
  • Retarget branding and messages to large scale business.
  • Develop effective promotional AV material for the Harelec Marketing team.


  • Blend existing and new elements to deliver a unique & cut through campaign.
  • Showcase Harelec’s prowess in commercial solar through digital and AV.
  • Identify Harelec’s ingenuity and ground breaking new technologies.
  • Word smithing for web and creative writing for Audio Visual content.
  • Concepts for a new wave of Television, Cinema and radio commercials.


  • Television Commercials.
  • Cinema Commercials.
  • Radio.
  • Web site.
  • Audio Visual.
  • EDM.
  • Tender Support media.
  • Print.


As a large percentage of Harelec’s business is now driven to their digital space it has been imperative to target the correct audience. The media placement strategy is now focused directly on business owners, GM’s, CFO’s and company directors. By using various media platforms at peak opportunity times we are delivering the Harelec message to engage the audience and drive a response.


HARELEC continues to see growth in their local and national market with leads being generated in both regional and metropolitan areas. Harelec are currently working on the second phase of installing solar into the Solomon Islands after the successful tender in 2014. This will see the nations diesel engine power supply replaced by solar over the coming years.

testimonial author
'During a volatile and extremely competitive period in the solar industry, gocrossmedia’s creative and strategic marketing has provided HARELEC with consistency, growth and confidence to expand into larger markets.'
Jamie Harrison; HARELEC