Kenso Agcare

Client: Kenso Agcare Australia

Market: National

Target: Agrichemical resellers & agronomists

Product: Agrichemicals & fertilisers

Phase: 2


  • Establish Kenso Agcare as a highly recognisable brand within the agriculture industries.
  • Continue to build Ken-Up Dry’s market share.


  • Focus advertising by responding to specific seasonal/rainfall triggers.   
  • Develop brand recognition in the broader market.
  • Educate resellers (and indirectly consumers) on the Kenso Agcare products.
  • Develop brand guidelines and create consistency across all marketing materials.


  • Develop a series of TVCs related to specific grower markets to encourage brand recognition.“smarter–not harder”.
  • Develop a subtle rebrand that is still clearly recognisable in conjunction with an operational and style guide.
  • Create online ‘sales tools’ that include digital presentations for sales reps to educate resellers.
  • Create new print material in line with the new style guide.


  • Television Commercials
  • Audio Visual
  • Print
  • Press/editorial content
  • Online sales tools
  • Photography


The timing and frequency of the TV, print and press campaigns were designed to generate brand recognition and acceptance from producers particularly during periods when seasonal’ bulk chemical’ purchase decisions are being made. Prolonged, good rainfall in a particular region (and the expected increase in weed growth) also determined the best time to get the branding message across.


The campaigns have resulted in increased product brand recognition amongst consumers and re-sellers. This in turn has led to a greater than anticipated growth in market share in a shorter timeframe than originally anticipated. Our strategy, creative, production and placement for Kenso Agcare continues to reinforce ‘brand-trust’.

testimonial author
“In an agricultural chemical market that is volatile and extremely competitive, gocrossmedia has played a vital role in the growth of our flagship product”.
Rob Armstrong; GM Kenso Agcare Pty Ltd