A Big Plus: Brand positioning for Laing + Simmons

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Three and a half ago years gocrossmedia began creative on the hugely successful “Rubik’s Cube” TV and cinema campaign for Laing and Simmons Port Macquarie. After three phases of the original concept, gocrossmedia has exceeded all performance indicators and the client is reaping the benefits of unprecedented market dominance.


The Brief

By partnering with gocrossmedia, Laing and Simmons have earned a reputation locally as brand marketing leaders. Through our strategy; where they have lead .. the others have followed. With that in mind, any new campaign needed to ‘blaze a fresh trail’. Our primary brief was to create a campaign that would continue to stimulate market growth, while subtly repositioning brand awareness by highlighting team values, local knowledge and overall success.

The Solution

gocrossmedia developed creative that would take the Laing and Simmons brand in an unexpected visual direction through a childhood “rainy-day” favourite; a well known board game based on buying and selling property.

We see the Laing and Simmons agents as players on an all too familiar game board, working as a team with “their heads in the game” and “making all the right moves”. They busily push around a board that has been personalised (localised) to the Port Macquarie area. There’s no chance (no dice) involved in this process, just local knowledge, and teamwork. Even the ‘chance’ cards are loaded in the property seller’s favour by drawing attention to Laing and Simmons’ market leadership position ‘the most listings, buyers and sales’. The visual theme supports what is really the prime motivator for any vendor; getting the highest price for their property. And that’s a big plus…

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