Eagle Power Sports: Re-invigorating a brand

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Some of the most exciting projects for us are those where a business is moving in a whole new direction. This means developing a new brand image in line with this direction. Under new ownership, Eagle Powersports in Tamworth are dramatically expanding their range of products that will appeal to a whole new market. Beginning with a TV ad, we are taking on the challenge to reinvigorate their brand.


Previously, Eagle Powersports have sold mostly 4×4 off roaders to farmers with a quiet, functional brand image to go with it. With the addition of racing & cruiser motorbikes the target market has expanded considerably. With racing motorcycles expected to make up the bulk of sales, the brand image will have to shift toward customers buying for leisure and this is a whole different ball game.


The Solution

The TV ad focused on selected KTM racing motorcycles but it also is a marker for where the brand is headed. We thought about what would inspire our market and the experience they expect with Eagle Powersports’ product. Our solution is an exciting, adrenaline filled 15sx ad. Fast paced, loud and with a fiery top and tail it’s memorable while capturing the sensation of racing.


Where to go from here

We’ve touched the surface of what the Eagle Powersports brand will become. The brand needs to appeal to farmers, racers and cruisers. Moving forward, advertising for Eagle Powersports will showcase the functionality of 4x4s, the cool, street vibe of cruisers and the adrenaline rush of racers. The major point of difference is, it will move away from the quiet, corporate look of the current branding and become something that will not go unnoticed.

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