Olympic Success: Grace Lutheran’s great TV campaign results

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Been watching the Olympics? If you’re anywhere near Rothwell you may have seen Grace Lutheran College’s TV advertising campaign. They took us up on our placement offer for the Olympics. Want to know the result?


The Olympics is a mammoth TV event which only rolls around every 4 years and offers greater than usual audience reach. For an Olympic first, we are also able to watch on any device, any time. This was the driving force for Grace Lutheran College to expose their brand to the greater Brisbane audience and drive enrolments for 2017.

And the initial response has been fantastic! Their daily website traffic has increased by 10 times since the ads began airing. The response on social media has been great as well. Posts of the ad and related posts have received an impressive organic number of likes, shares, comments and views and have had more engagement than the vast majority of Facebook posts. We hope this will mean a great turn out for their open day in October.

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