The Age of Online – How seniors have mastered the search engine

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Underestimate the 65+ internet generation at your own risk. They have learnt to surf the net and they’re savvy! They know everything about your product and they’ll scour site after site looking for the best price. It’s the scalding scrutiny of the seniors search engine.


A couple of years ago now a client of ours (solar installations) told us that he gets a lot of enquiries from potential customers in the 65+ age group. He said they have a very wide knowledge of the overall product and even the breakdown of the components. It’s obvious that they had been online and researched the products and prices thoroughly and we’re armed and ready to battle for a bargain.


While it is supported by research that traditional entertainment media: TV Radio and newspapers are still very strong with the over 65s, more and more are getting online and surfing harder than Mick Fanning. In fact usage in the last 5 years has jumped nearly 30%.


88% of these rampaging retirees want to stay connected with family on Facebook , they also check the news, send emails, download .wavs, pay bills, access medical info, buy and sell stuff and most of all .. surf. According to the figures, they’re mostly doing it at their leisure, at home on a desktop computer.


The seniors tend not to use tablets (electronic ones anyway) or mobile phones.  Mobiles, they say lack the suitable ergonomic designs features that suit seniors. Not exactly steam powered I guess, just bigger buttons and less complicated instruction manuals and who doesn’t what that?


In summary; if your particular market touches on the 19 per cent of Australia’s adult population who are aged 65 and over consider that more are on line in their spare room on a desktop or laptop than ever before. And remember too that they have time to surf and time to dig out the best value.


Sources: *ACMA reports 2009, 2011, 2015

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