The Positive Power of a Catchy Jingle

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Everyone’s had them; songs that get stuck in your head and just won’t leave. Maybe they’re just there to fill the space in between your thoughts. It’s a space that advertisers try to get into. Some actually do make it in and a clever few never leave.


The phenomenon of getting a song stuck in your head is actually called Involuntary Musical Imagery (INMI) but we just call it .. ‘getting a song stuck in your head’. It does, however, demonstrate the almost unmatched   ‘sticking’ power that words, rhythm and melody can have. And when it’s done well it makes for a very memorable advertising jingle.


Case in point; in 1982 the Sydney Morning Herald advertised their Classifieds phone number on the radio. I can still remember it today; 2 8 2 double 1 double 2. I remember it because it was in a jingle; 2 8 2 double 1 double 2. It was catchy, it was musical, it was; 2 8 2 double 1 double 2.Thirty five years later not only I can still sing the number but if I put a 9 in front (now the standard for Sydney) and dial it right now, guess who I get? Herald Classifieds! Brilliant!


If ever I have to get a classified ad in a Sydney newspaper, guess what number I’d call? Yep, the number I’ve been waiting to use since 1982!


It’s the rhythm and melody that help us imprint and recall the message. Even a simple rhythm like the ‘sing-song’ way we used to learn our times-tables back in the day .. “seven eights are fifty six”. We’d chant, we’d sing and we’d remember. And when it’s a catchy jingle tune we remember the product name, call to action and contact details.


So if you’re a happy little vegemite, feel lucky you’re with AAMI and have plenty of Zoom Zoom Zoom then you ought to be congratulated because you also know the power of jingles. Yep, the jingle numbers really add up, and those numbers are ….. 2 8 2 double 1 double 2.

*Commercial Radio Australia said
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