TV: The Most Effective Advertising Medium

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Television media placement is about being clever with your budget. Getting the best bang for your buck! Placing media and being effective with placement is integral to every campaign, if you want to see a return on your investment. Here are some ways you can optimise your TV spend.


Where TV advertising sits in your marketing plan

Many businesses want to turn to digital for their advertising and this isn’t a bad idea! But don’t take TV out of your marketing plan as a result. Despite the rise of Netflix and other on demand services, TV is still the most effective advertising medium*. TV allows you to get great cut through, broad brand awareness and to effectively target audiences in a way that’s more engaging than most forms of media. In essence, it’s a really important part of your marketing plan if you want to get noticed.

Any healthy marketing plan will include a range of other media that help to reinforce your message. If your potential customer sees your TV ad AND a billboard, they’re more likely to remember you and take in what you have to say. If this leads them to a great website, there’s a high chance they will make an enquiry!


Getting the best results

Getting great results with TV advertising relies on three things:

  • An engaging ad with a strong call to action or branding message
  • Choosing the right time of year, time slots & frequency based on your business and target market.
  • A cross platform advertising strategy, such as a killer website to push people through the marketing funnel


Gauging Results

It can be hard to quantify how well your advertising is working. You might be throwing money away on placement or you might think of discontinuing it when it’s one of your best sources of new customers. Whether it’s a special deal offered only on TV or simply asking customers what prompted them to see you, it’s important to try to gauge whether your advertising is working.


At gocrossmedia, we pride ourselves in our success and ability to place media across today’s often confusing TV environment. We are able to forecast placements, reach your audience and achieve value no matter whether it’s spur of the moment or a long term plan.

If you are looking to maximise the opportunity to engage your audience with TV advertising, give us a call!


*source: MarketShare

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