Web Maintenance: site migrations & improvements to your service

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We are currently in the process of migrating all the sites we manage for our clients to a new server. This is a necessary measure to ensure the hosting server is compatible with all the latest updates to WordPress, WordPress themes & plugins, Paypal, and web standards. We’re letting all our clients know to keep you informed, however, this should not affect the normal functioning of your site.


Why the change?

This year a number of major changes in requirements for servers are being rolled out by Google, Paypal, WordPress and Woocommerce (for online stores). This means most websites we host will be affected. As our current server does not support many of these changes, we have to move all our sites to a new server.


What does it mean for me?

Don’t panic! Although we’ll be busy working behind the scenes, your website should continue to function as usual. In most cases, you will not have any site down time and your emails should function as normal. It’s a case of, a calm surface with a lot of activity happening unnoticed below. As with any change, there is the possibility that problems can crop up. If you do notice any problems with your site we will endeavour to solve or advise on fixing the issue as soon as possible. Please report urgent issues to our Brisbane office on (07) 3392 1928 or report non-urgent issues via email:


How does it work?

What you see in the browser is only the surface of all the work that goes into making your site function. Just like in a shop, the customer only sees the end product but not the process from refining raw materials, product design, manufacture and transportation all to get that product on the shelf. And, just like any technology based product, the internet is constantly and rapidly changing. At gocrossmedia we’re always working behind the scenes to make sure your site still functions as the requirements demanded of it change. So if you want your site to still be searchable by Google, for it to maintain it’s current functionality, for 3rd party tools like Paypal, Youtube videos and Maps to continue to function, your site requires constant maintenance.

Transferring your hosting simply means we’re moving sites from one server to the other. So your site will now be stored in a different location but the address won’t change (your domain stays the same). We simply point your domain to the new server as if redirecting mail.

If you have any more questions regarding this transfer, please don’t hesitate to contact our Brisbane office

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